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Musical Concerts Photography

A single concert may feature a few bands playing over the course of several hours. Music festivals, on the other hand, are an entirely different sort of event and it's natural that they can feel a little daunting. If concerts are a sprint, music festivals are a marathon.

In addition to all the normal challenges of live music photography, festivals also introduce unpredictable weather, multiple stages, multiple days, and dozens and dozens of acts.

From festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella and Bonnaroo to local festivals and more, here's the photographer's guide to music festivals.

OK, here's what we should think about:

Non-Photography Basics

  • Preparation and Approach

    • Scheduling

    • Be Early

    • Pacing

    • Photo Pit Etiquette

On-Site Editing and Image Storage

  • Large Capcity Memory Cards

  • In-Camera Editing

  • Photo Editing with a Laptop On-Site

  • Editing Software

  • Laptop Alternatives

Accessories & Gear

  • Batteries

  • Step Stools

  • Earplugs

  • Camera Bags

  • Camera Straps

  • My kit — Cameras and Lenses

  • Lenses for Festival Photography

    • 70-200mm — Telephoto

    • 24-70mm — Midrange

    • 14-24mm — Ultra-wide

  • Cameras for Festival Photography

  • General Photo Tips for Festivals

    • First 3 Songs

    • Zone Defense

    • White Balance

  • Photographic Approach for Music Festivals

    • Fans & Atmosphere

    • Artist Portraits

    • Live Music Performances

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